The Benefits Of VertEdge

VertEdge has been designed and thought out from over 35 years of knowledge in the flooring and artificial grass industry. It has been designed to provide a safer, stronger and smarter perimeter finish to an artificial lawn installation – there is nothing else in production worldwide that is similar to VertEdge in its design or application.

VertEdge is lightweight, making it easy to handle, and is simple to install with no nails or pegs which could come loose or cause injury.

VertEdge offers customers a system that is effective, easy to install and value for money. VertEdge is neater, stronger and safer than any other artificial lawn edging product or method on the market today!

What Is Making VertEdge Stand Out?

Current artificial lawn perimeter fixing methods are generally improvised using standard off the shelf building materials – i.e. wood, cement, plastic, nails, screws – with each contractor claiming their method is ‘the way to go’ and better than others. This creates confusion for the paying client/customer as there is no widely recognised industry standard for contractors to adhere to.

VertEdge addresses this issue with a purpose-designed product that provides consistency and uniform across the industry, which in turn would vastly improve the safety and quality of artificial grass installations for the end user. We believe that VertEdge is the solution to this recognised problem, and will become the industry standard.

VertEdge Products


VertEdge® is a revolutionary edging system used to 100% fully adhere the perimeter finish of artificial grass (the only product on the market to do so). This solves the problem of existing methods where edges can lift up and become a trip hazard.

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VertEdge Adhesive

VertEdge Adhesive is designed to provide a long-lasting hold around the perimeter of your artificial grass. It is easy to use, with each bottle containing enough adhesive to cover up to 12m of VertEdge, and it will quickly cure to ensure that your lawn is secure from day one.

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VertEdge Price Range

VertEdge is comparable in price to timber battens for an artificial lawn installation, with none of the downsides associated with using timber battens – such as decay and visible fixings. Enjoy all the positives of using VertEdge, such as its long-lasting quality and simplicity to install.

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