South London Artificial Grass

South London artificial grass installers, covering South and South West has professional installers ready to create you a low maintenance realistic synthetic lawn with our South London Royal Artificial grass.

Quality, perfection and realistic South London Artificial grass can advise you what grass is perfect for your garden, school, sports pitches, play areas and even show areas. Our South London  Artificial Grass representative can advise you on the preparation, sub-base and complementary artificial grass edging.

Royal Artificial Grass approves South London Artificial Grass as a recommended installer, we offer you peace of mind that your grass has the seal of approval and rating.

Royal Grass offers an 8-11 year warranty against discolouration and UV degradation of the fibres, depending on the intensity of the sun at the installation location.

South London Artificial Grass, perfection, quality and low maintenance synthetic lawn. 11 year manufactures guarantee peace of mind. Royal grass approved south London installer.

Quality, perfection and realistic
South London Artificial Grass

South London Artificial Grass

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