The stainless steel Henko Top Cutter 2000 has been developed for quick and efficient cutting of seams on the artificial grass in preparation for bonding.

Glue And Tape

Henko 601 Glue Machine


One of the most important parts of the Henko A&T glue system is the gluing machine. This intelligent machine applies both seam tape and adhesive at the same time.


Henko 6011 Floor Gluebox.


Henko 6012 Spare Glue Box.


Henko 6013 Spare Glue Box


The stainless steel Henko Bump is used to adjust artificial grass seams and to remove bumps and folds out of the turf.


The two-in-one tool. The henko 603 Grass Splitter has two purposes; splitting the grass fibres out of the glue and adding pressure to the joint.

Featured Products

Henko 604 Length Knife


The Henko 604 Length Knife can be used to cut incredibly straight lines very quickly on overlapping joints


The Henko 605 Speed Knife can be used to cut incredibly straight lines very quickly.


The Henko 606 Walk Knife is used for super-fast cutting from a standing position.

Featured Products

Henko 611A Tape Roller


The Tape Roller is an easy-to-use device to roll out tape. It furthermore prevents back pains and having to work on the knees.


The Blue Brush is suited for the daily maintenance of professional artificial turf. It’s an efficient brush and least damaging to the fibers in the turf.


The White Brush has the softest fibers and is suited for the installation and maintenance of artificial applications such as golf, tennis and landscaping.


The Yellow Brush is suited for artificial turf installations (spreading infill etc.) and is the most rigid brush hair.


The Brush Mat is designed to raise flat synthetic fibers of artificial grass, and give the grass a fresh look.

Hand Tools

Henko 628 Scraper


Henko 628 Scraper is ideal to retrieve all the remaining artificial grass adhesive from the bucket.