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Henko 604 Length Knife


The Henko 604 Length Knife can be used to cut incredibly straight lines very quickly on overlapping joints

Featured Products

Henko 611A Tape Roller


The Tape Roller is an easy-to-use device to roll out tape. It furthermore prevents back pains and having to work on the knees.


Standard equipment for installations. The Delphin Knife is an efficient tool for cutting the artificial turf.

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Henko 653 Turf Grip


The Henko pull clamp is ideal for moving the artificial turf. The teeth and the ergonomic handle make it possible to apply a lot of force without much effort.

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Royal Grass® Lush

£28.75 - Price per sq m

The fibers are close together so the artificial grass looks extra lush. A natural yellow brownish colour gives this artificial grass a warm, late summer look.

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The Ureka G2 Adhesive Applicator is the fastest and most efficient artificial grass adhesive system on the market.