Ealing artificial grass

London Grass Installers of  Ealing Artificial Grass, West London

The best artificial grass by far in Ealing rated as the best looking and been the most realistic grass available in Ealing, west London. Been given an 11-year guarantee shows it is by far the best. Our Ealing Lawn installers have many years experience to make sure your grass is installed and maintained to a perfect finish.

How to install Ealing Artificial Grass, West London

London grass installs Ealing artificial grass to a high standard so it’s important to make sure a site assessment is done to test soil and base. This allows us to perform what we call a tailored grass installation designed on your requirements. Each garden in Ealing is different and use of your artificial grass lawn.

We use our own special base for optimum drainage and allowing for the perfect softness as if you have real grass.

Fixing and supporting the grass will be either what we call and weight system, timber, natural stone, decorative wood or simple a metal finish.

How to maintain your Ealing Artificial Grass, West London

Now that you Ealing artificial grass is installed by London Artificial grass the prefered number 1 grass.
We strongly suggest you to stop thinking the artificial grass is no maintenance and to believe is low maintenance.
A good brushing, blowing is recommended every week and at the same time keeping all garden debris off the lawn.
Even the odd weed will germinate and this is nothing to worry as its simply blown in by the wind, a simple pull will allow it to come out with all its roots.

Our Ealing artificial grass garden maintenance team is always at hand to power brush, desanitize and too deep clean your grass leaving it soft and fresh.

Ealing artificial grass has a 11 year Guarantee  and 2 year installers Guarantee

Quality, perfection and realistic
Ealing Artificial Grass
Voted Best in Ealing

Ealing Artificial Grass

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