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Fire and hot objects should be kept away from all artificial grass. Royal Grass is made of a high-quality synthetic material that does not burn, but will melt when it comes into contact with fire and hot objects. With sand-filled artificial turf, the sand has an extinguishing effect and is fireproof.
Open fire and hot objects must be avoided on artificial grass. Royal Grass is made of high-grade synthetic fibers that do not catch fire but that will melt when coming into contact with hot objects. With normal use you don’t have to worry about your artificial lawn catching fire.
Open fire is dangerous when the artificial grass is exposed to it for a longer time.
As long as the grass is filled in with a layer of sand, the sand infill will prevent the fire from spreading and it actually will extinguish a fire. Only artificial grass with sand infill is tested to be fireproof!

How safe is your artificial grass

And how safe is Royal Grass® artificial grass?

“Artificial lawns possibly pose a threat to health.” Currently, that is what the media headlines state. A broadcast of ZEMBLA, a journalistic program on the Dutch TV, is the reason. In this program, scientists claim that playing football on fields made with artificial grass and spread with rubber granules might pose a threat to health.

So what about artificial lawns?

The discussion started by the scientists is about the rubber granules on the football fields rather than about artificial grass. The scientists argue that the granules, made from recycled car tyres, often contain excessive concentrations of sink, oil and toxic substances.

What about Royal Grass® artificial grass?

Let us put your mind at ease straight away: we guarantee our artificial grass is safe. It is never spread with rubber granules. In some cases, our artificial grass needs to be weighted, but we always advise to spread the grass with sand.

How safe is artificial grass itself?

Since the 1970s, artificial grass is being used for sports such as hockey and tennis, where the courts are weighted with sand and sprayed with water. Since the beginning of this century, increasingly more football clubs have made the switch to artificial grass, in part or completely. That artificial grass (and also our artificial grass) is made with the same plastic materials as those used by the food industry as packaging material. That material is safe for daily use.

Since the foundation of our company in 2003, the quality and safety of our products are our benchmark. For instance, already in 2005, we have had our products tested in accordance with the NEN EN71-3 standard. That is the same standard that is used for plastic toys. Compliance with this standard means that no harmful substances are being released when a child chews or plays on our artificial grass.

What’s next?

The broadcast of ZEMBLA on the Dutch national TV will rekindle the public discussion on the use of artificial grass, or rather the use of rubber granules. This has happened before in America and England. In the meantime, the KNVB (Dutch football federation) has agreed to examine the findings of the scientists critically and does not rule out further investigation.

But once again: if you have Royal Grass® artificial grass at home, there is absolutely no need for you to worry. Nevertheless, if you have any questions, please do no hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help.