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Artificial grass and dogs

Is artificial grass suitable for dogs?

If you have pets, you want to be sure artificial grass is also suitable for them. Good news. It is now possible to have a maintenance-friendly garden that is also suitable for every kind of pet. We can even say dogs love artificial grass!
All Royal Grass products use non-adsorbent double backing, making Royal Grass pet friendly, by reducing potential urine smells. Even our drainage holes, created with heated pins, are sealed and won’t soak liquid.
With Royal Grass, you will get demonstrably safe and extremely strong artificial grass with good drainage so it is eminently suitable for pets. 100% safe

There are, however, some things you have to consider if you have cats or dogs. Health Dogs, and also other pets like cats, tend to lick and sniff everything. That is why, it is important that artificial grass is not harmful to the health of your pets. Because artificial grass also needs to be safe for children, we have had all our artificial grass products tested by SGS, in accordance with the strictest European criteria. This standard is the EN71-3 standard. It guarantees none of our products contain any harmful substances. So you can let your pets play on our artificial grass without any worries.
If you would like to receive the testing certificate, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Excrements on your artificial lawn do not pose a problem. Royal Grass artificial grass will not be affected nor will it discolour. That’s our guarantee. From a hygienic point of view, Royal Grass recommends removing the excrements and cleaning the spot with a bucket of lukewarm water. If a strong smell of urine remains on your artificial lawn, you can use any of the biodegradable cleaning products available to remove the smell. Playing Royal Grass artificial grass is of the highest quality. So it is absolutely no problem to let your pets frolic around. Dogs playing on the grass are no problem. You do, of course, have to make sure the grass carpet is securely fixed so it cannot move and the subsurface also needs to be strong.
If you have a dog that likes to dig in the ground, artificial grass is an excellent way to get rid of this unwanted behaviour. Usually, dogs will stop digging because they can no longer smell earth. Learned behaviour can sometimes be hard to unlearn. So it is wise to keep an eye out and check if your dog is not damaging your grass carpet.

Artificial grass maintenance

After 25 years offering weekly, fortnightly and monthly grass cutting we see a huge demand for artificial grass.

Does this mean that the traditional green grass with freshly cut stripes is on the way out?

Well to my experience we finding this not the case but a complete new market been opened up.

As Leaders in the artificial grass maintenance market we have put a lot of research into this and great care is required to keep the perfect synthetic lawn.

Left and untended the synthetic grass will begin to have weeds, moss and debris accumulating in the pile.  Artificial grass companies say almost No maintenance and compare it to Live grass. But you just cant compare it as the two product are completely different and require almost the same amount of work to keep it looking fresh and clean.