London Artificial Grass Sense

London artificial grass Sense is by far the most realistic grass on the market.
Grass is fake, does not look real, feels like plastic and we can go on about artificial grass, However London grass has now found the grass that does not tick the above boxes. Royal grass Sense deals with the prejudices about the appearance of artificial grass. Sense is the youngest member of the London grass family: a beautiful, soft and lifelike quality. There’s no other quality with a frizz as nice as the Sense. Everyone who finds out this product isn’t natural grass but artificial grass won’t believe their eyes! An added bonus is its voluminous appearance. Every fibre of grass curls in its own way and behaves independently of the other making your lawn look airy and playful. With London grass Sense Royal grass are not just introducing a beautiful product, but also a new innovation in the area of artificial grass.


The fibres of Royal Grass® Sense with ReaDY® point in many directions so the blades of grass do not stand in a certain visible direction. The playfulness of the fibres do not only give the product a beautiful natural appearance, but also make it easier to connect the grass carpet seamlessly. Seams in a carpet, if any, can easily be hidden by giving the frizzy fibres a good brushing. To give the grass maximum stability, it is recommended to spread Royal Grass® Sense with special dried silica sand: approx. 10 kg/m2. Royal Grass® Sense grass fibres are fitted with the familiar V shape and MiNT®, just like all our lifestyle products.

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