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London Royal artificial grass range offers the most realistic and innovative grass with years of research to offer you the science and development of the perfect artificial grass for your London Lawn. Fake grass as it was known a few years back was exactly what it was, today we call our London grass “Synthetic grass” or as it is more commonly know as London artificial grass. London grass has the backing of V-shape which is copied from natural grass. This can be seen on all of London grass products.

The Micro nerve technology gives London artificial grass a silky colour and less plastic looking glare when viewed from different angles. London grass when installed not only does it not need nailing or pegging down stays upright for longer.

The fibres with the designed the Micro nerve technology allow it to stand up for longer compared to other artificial grass products on the market. London Grass has professional installers across North London InstallersSouth London Installers West London Installers and across East London offering a compleate artificial grass and landscaping service. London artificial grass is safe for children, animals and environment that meets international standards.

We offer an all in one solution to a new beautiful lawn to last for many years. London Royal Artificial Grass comes with a 15 Year warranty and London Grass offer a 2-year installation guarantee, this will certainly leave you with peace of mind when selecting London Royal Artificial Grass

London Artificial Grass Types


ROYAL GRASS SENSE London artificial grass Sense is by far the most realistic grass on the market. Grass is fake, does not look real, feels like plastic and we can go on about artificial grass, However London grass has now found the grass that does not tick the above boxes. Royal grass Sense deals with the prejudices about the appearance …

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Royal Grass Silk35

ROYAL GRASS SILK 35 London Grass Silk35 is our bestseller. Why it’s so popular? First, this artificial grass is incredibly soft and looks lovely and full. Grass as it’s meant to be. A pleasure to walk on and beautiful to look at. This artificial grass, which has a light brown synthetic rootzone, is right for you if you favour a …

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London Artificial Grass Wave

London Artificial Grass Wave Royal Grass® Wave is the little brother of Royal Grass® Sense. Wave has a beautiful and soft quality. With ReaDY® technology it looks and feels incredibly realistic. Every fibre of grass curls in its own way and behaves independently of the other fibres making your lawn look airy and playful. GET A QUOTE Are you looking …

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Royal Grass XL

ROYAL GRASS XL London Grass XL is a beautiful grass carpet. This artificial grass has the unique Royal Grass V-shaped fiber with MiNT technology. This technology gives the artificial turf a natural color. Because of the soft and flexible fibers having a length of no less than 65 mm in length, the blades of grass are pointing in different directions …

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ROYAL GRASS DELUXE Wouldn’t you love a lawn with a full, mixed green color? Now it’s made possible with the London Grass Deluxe. This artificial grass is made up of three colors green with mossy wire. London Grass Deluxe is perfectly fresh green, without looking unnatural. That, combined with lush grass fibers of 36 mm, makes the Deluxe a beautiful …

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London Artificial Grass Lush

London artificial grass Lush London artificial grass Lush has slightly more fibres per square meter so your artificial lawn looks fuller and more luxurious. Thanks to the addition of some blades of grass with yellow-brownish tops, the artificial turf also has a soft, Indian summer colour. Every fibre has its own growth direction thanks to ReaDY®. This makes Royal Grass® …

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London Artificial Grass EcoSense

London Grass EcoSense With a length of 40mm, Royal Grass® EcoSense not only looks attractive, it also feels wonderful – super-soft and springy. This type of lawn turf is special, because it is 100% recyclable, in other words, cradle-to-cradle. After use, this artificial grass type is unique in that it can be reused to produce new lawn turf. We chose …

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