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The Turf Infill Rake is designed for spreading out the various types of turf infill such as sand, SBR, TPE etc.


The Grasshopper is developed to put pressure on the artificial turf seams to ensure maximum adhesion of the glue.


The Henko 636 Carpet Cart is designed for transporting rolls of synthetic grass and has a capacity of 500KG.


The Henko 655B is designed for rolling and unrolling roles of artificial grass. This sturdy device is very easy to use, and allows to cut precise pieces of grass of the roll.


The brush on this engine driven device is for brushing artificial grass both for installation and maintenance and has been especially designed and made to our own specifications.


Henko 6710 Collector for Henko 671 Rotation Brush.


The best way to quickly and accurately apply sand to synthetic grass. Our motorized sand spreader divides the sand and/or infill equally on the artificial turf and the chosen amount can be adjusted with the handle bar.


The Henko 911 Artificial Grass Unroll System is designed for moving and rolling out artificial grass. By using this system you will unroll the heavy rolls faster, easier and more efficient.


Cleaning artificial grass has never been easier. The Topkeeper Max has been designed to remove moss, dirt, leaves and other debris of the grass.